Topic: New release: OpenOpt 0.29, FuncDesigner 0.19, DerApproximator 0.19

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release:

OpenOpt 0.29:
    * Some bugfixes
    * Some improvements for handling sparse matrices
    * Bugfix for problems with nonlinear equality constraints
    * Major changes for problems with nConstraints>1

FuncDesigner 0.19:
    * Some improvements for automatic differentiation
    * New feature: attached constraints
    * New feature: oosystem
    * Now you can model & solve ODE systems

DerApproximator 0.19:
    * Function get_d2
    * Add new stencil

Backward incompatibilities:
    * By default stencil for NSP and used-created oofuns (e.g. connected from non-Python code) now have derivatives approximation stencil №3 instead of №2, it may lead to speed decrease (but you can set it to 2 or 1 manually).

You can try it online via our Sage-server.
See also: Full Changelog, Future Plans
Best regards, D.