Topic: New release: OpenOpt 0.31, FuncDesigner 0.21, DerApproximator 0.21

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release:

OpenOpt 0.31:
    * Lots of new NLP, NSP (nonsmooth) and GLP (global) solvers from nlopt have been connected
    * New LP solver: pclp (very premature, but permissive license and pure Python implementation)
    * CVXOPT abstol and feastol (defaults 10^-7) have been binded to openopt "ftol" and "contol" (defaults 10^-6), maxiters(100) to maxIter (now 1000, was 400). As for "refinement" and "reltol" - it's not done yet, you should use CVXOPT native approach to adjust them
    * Some bugfixes (mostly wrt using sparse matrices) and code cleanup

FuncDesigner 0.21:
    *  New features: Integration, Translator
    * Some speedup for functions evaluation, automatic differentiation, optimization problems with some fixed variables
    * New parameter useSparse for optimization probs and automatic differentiation (sometimes autoselect works prematurely)
    * New parameter exactShape for automatic differentiation (prevents flattering operations)
    * Some bugfixes (mostly wrt using sparse matrices) and code cleanup

DerApproximator 0.21:
    * Add parameter exactShape (prevents flattering operations on result)

Backward incompatibilities:
    *  "optVars" has been renamed to "freeVars" ("optVars" is not appropriate for some prob types, e.g. systems of (non)linear equations)
    * Binding CVXOPT abstol and feastol to new default values (see the changes above)
    * New FuncDesigner syntax for interpolation

You can try it online via our Sage-server.
See also: Full Changelog, Future Plans

Best regards,