Topic: New release: 0.33

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.33:

    * cplex has been connected
    * New GLP solver interalg with guarantied precision (also can work in inexact mode)
    * New solver amsg2p for medium-scaled NLP and NSP

    * Essential speedup for automatic differentiation when vector-variables are involved, for both dense and sparse cases
    * Solving MINLP become available
    * Add uncertainty analysis
    * Add interval analysis
    * Now you can solve systems of equations with automatic determination is the system linear or nonlinear (subjected to given set of free or fixed variables), see the doc entry for details
    * FD Funcs min and max can work on lists of oofuns
    * Bugfix for sparse SLE (system of linear equations), that slowed down computation time and demanded more memory
    * New oofuns angle, cross
    * Using OpenOpt result(oovars) is available, also, start points with oovars() now can be assigned easier

    * Some bugfixes

    * Adjusted with some changes in FuncDesigner

Backward incompatibilities:
    * New OpenOpt parameter p.useAttachedConstraints, is False by default, set it to True to involve them. Maybe this will be reworked till next release, where user- and kernel- attached constraints will be handled separately.
    * FD oovars() now returns ooarray instead of Python list

See detailed changelog here

Regards, D.