Topic: New release: 0.34

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.34:


    * Speedup and many improvements for interalg, now it can work with restricted domains (e.g. log, sqrt on [-1,1])
    * Now interalg can obtain all solutions of nonlinear equation (example) or systems of them (example) in the involved box lb_i <= x_i <= ub_i (bounds can be very large), possibly constrained (e.g. sin(x) + cos(y+x) > 0.5).
    * Some more bugfixes and improvements
    * Python 3 compatibility


    * Speedup, many improvements and some bugfixes for interval analysis (and thus interalg)
    * Some more bugfixes and improvements
    * Python 3 compatibility


    * Changes in FuncDesigner made available using points in constraints, e.g. now you can add constraint "middle of line segment AB is middle of line segment CD" simply as 0.5*(A+B) == 0.5*(C+D) (or mere A+B == C+D)
    * Python 3 compatibility


    * Python 3 compatibility

Backward incompatibilities:

    * NLSP renamed to SNLE (system of nonlinear equation)
    * FuncDesigner AD on a single oovar returns array, not Python dict, e.g. before: f.D(point, a) = {a:some_value}, now: f.D(point, a) = some_value. Using Python list with single oovar, e.g. f.D(point, [a]), still returns dict {a:some_value}.
    * FD oovars() now returns ooarray instead of Python list

As always, you can try our soft online via our sage server, but it often hangs up due to high load.

See also: FuturePlans.

Regards, D.

Currently I'm busy with a paid work and thus have a limited time for OpenOpt suite support on the forum.