Topic: New release: 0.37

Hi all,
I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.37 (2011-Dec-15):

    Some improvements and bugfixes for interalg, especially for "search all SNLE solutions" mode (Systems of Non Linear Equations)
    Eigenvalue problems (EIG) in OpenOpt and FuncDesigner
    Equality constraints for GLP (global) solver de
    Some changes for goldenSection ftol stop criterion
    GUI func "manage" - now button "Enough" works in Python3, but "Run/Pause" not yet (probably something with threading and it will be fixed in Python instead)

    Two new methods for splines to check their quality: plot and residual
    IPOPT initialization time gap decreased (time till first iteration)
    Major sparse Automatic differentiation improvements for badly-vectorized or unvectorized problems with lots of constraints (except of box bounds); some problems now work many times or orders faster (of course not faster than vectorized problems with insufficient number of variable arrays). It is recommended to retest your large-scale problems with useSparse = 'auto' | True| False
    Solving ODE dy/dt = f(t) with specifiable accuracy by interalg
    Speedup for solving 1-dimensional IP by  interalg

SpaceFuncs and DerApproximator:

    Some code cleanup

See also: FuturePlans.

Regards, D.