Topic: About the forum

Hi all numerical optimization soft developers and users!

The forum is powered by PunBB. It has less features than for example PHPbb or some other forums, still it is very fast.

Initially I intended to use PHPbb but the guys from refused, because PHPbb is too spam-unprotected.  As you probably know, spam become a serious problem for other forums like sci.math.num-analysis or sci.op-research, where most of numerical optimization-related people wont to dwell. Especially it's a problem for rss or email subscribers.

Let me also note:
- registered users can observe the square graphical triggers about new messages in forum/subforum or in a thread on/off.
- there is rather convenient Active topics button in top right corner.
- for registered users there is convenient New posts button in top right corner.
- as you see, currently the forum has very little traffic. AFAIK it will grow along with amount of text, that is indexed in google and other search engines - most of visitors come from google search.

Regards, Dmitrey.

P.S. If you failed to get an answer in this forum, you could try using recently created