Topic: Optimal Control Problems


thanks for this great project, but I have one question:

When will it be possible to use OpenOpt for optimal control problems? I have seen, there is one empty side for OCP at the project homepage so hopefully it will be released  soon ;-)

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Re: Optimal Control Problems

I guess there will be hardly any OCPs in OO, at least in nearest future.
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Re: Optimal Control Problems

You could have a look to gpops.org.

This is a matlab implementation of a quite general method for solving optimal control problems
it mainly relies on solving a constrained NLP problem and such methods are already implemented in your OpenOpt.
So you are not so far from providing an optimal control problem solver  wink

It could be nice to have such a similar method in OpenOpt in the future. But I guess it requires a lot of time.

Good luck for the next.